I’ve been a little more active on the creative development front recently. My focus on gamebooks has put me in a place where writing one of my own feels like a fun idea. Because of my previously described Horror Brain Worms, it made sense to do a horror one. I think the closest thing to a horror gamebook I’ve ever seen in person has been the Goosebumps brand “Give Yourself Goosebumps” books which were YA horror choose your own adventures.

Maybe the Ravenloft choose your own adventure I owned as a kid just baaaaaarely counts.

Pros to this: market is not crazy saturated. More likely to stand out than in fantasy. Cons: nobody’s going to get recommended my gamebook off another horror gamebook. It’s not like there are none of them, but I’m really surprised at how few there are.

I have focused in on a sort of Gothic Romance Horror style because I think the fashion is good in that sub-genre and because it allows me to inject a little bitter-sweet humanity into scenes of scaring the bejesus out of whatever reader cracks the spine. I think that often makes horror scarier, actually: when you feel both compassion and revulsion for whatever confronts you.

A friend of mine and I also have been talking about videogame development recently. Also of the horror persuasion. What can I say, my reputation precedes me. On that front, we talked about the sorts of horror stories that always got to us the most. He talked about some Philip K. Dick inspired concepts. I threw in the hat an idea centered around returning to your life after being away (vacation, prison sentence, ect.) only to find that someone wearing your face has been living your life in your absence. I read a short story centered around this idea around 20 years ago and the fine details of how your life has been touched are vital to this idea.

I’m beginning to think the novel I’ve been prepping and researching for just needs to get a bad rough draft. I could collect neat little bits of lore-debris for years to come next and it wouldn’t lead me any closer to feeling like this very daunting book will be something I’m ready to start writing. And when you realize you will never be ready to start something you want to do, that means you need to start right now. Maybe I’ll go do that now…

Maybe I’ll do it after a nap.

That’s all I’ve got for this week, my friends. If you read the whole thing, I love you for it. If you’re not subscribed, there’s a little place over to the right there where you can do that. I’ll catch my fellow procrastinators next time and as always remember to tend to your dreams because if you don’t, who will?

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