It’s always important to have a decent start, so here goes.

I’ve put all this together (with the help of the extremely wise and patient Emma Epps) toward the end of providing some kind of home base for the many ideas, projects, diatribes and, perhaps most importantly, novels and stories I produce to the continued delight of my friends and consternation of my enemies.

So this is me: I produce quite a few decent notions on the regular. They vary in subject and seriousness, but people are likely to hear about whatever I am developing in the TTRPG space, the books that I’m writing, and the opinions I’m having on whatever media I’m consuming (Video Games, Comics, Novels, Anime, C/K-Dramas, etc.) I’ve been told I have a gift for drawing people into these discussions even if they have absolutely no idea what in the blue hell I am talking about. I shall endeavor to do the same for readers here.

As to what I have on the burners right now?

Well, I just finished a novel set in the fantasy world of Vontillian. A masked nomad of the plains is called into the heart of the so-called civilized world to rescue his kinfolk from the claws of conspiracy and murder. Along the way, he meets and befriends a hesitant knight, a lunatic elf swordsman, and an aristocratic sorceress banished by her family into the humble life of a Dock Witch. I wanted the conflict of this book to be personal and not world-ending stakes when it comes to the setting itself. Saving the world is a bit…overdone, don’t you think? Aliffe is not trying to kill God or banish The Great Evil to the eternal abyss. He’s just trying to make sure everyone he knows and cares about makes it out alright in the end. He’s trying to save a person’s whole world. And that matters just as much.

On the TTRPG project front, the first and foremost thing I have cooking is a scenario for Enter the Survival Horror by BooCherry The creator is a friend of mine and I said a while ago that, since he’d done such a good job with writing a Not-Resident Evil adventure for the game, I would contribute what hopefully will prove to be an equally good Not-Silent Hill adventure. It’s been on the backburner for a little bit, but I should be moving it forward. The adventure itself right now is titled The Hole in Things. A whole town has been murdered and remade into a seething nightmare. How did it become this way? Can anything be done? Most of all, can the players actually escape without being themselves claimed by the town? I came up with a very novel way to write the adventure so that if you favor the more Cult Horror vibes of Silent Hill’s 1 and 3, you can lean into that. But if your preferred flavor is the more Psychological Horror vibes of Silent Hill 2, that can also be what underpins the events. I’m going to be working with my brother Chris to create an actual town map that will come with the adventure that I think will really be fun for GM’s to hand out to their players.

On to Videogame Thoughts! I am desperately in love with Street Fighter 6 right now. I’ve been grinding Ranked from the very bottom of the bracket. I was so rusty, they actually put me in Rookie rank when I tried to qualify with Ken! I was so bad! A few weeks later though and things are slowly coming back to me. My Street Fighter Chi is cultivating. I am remembering how to set up spacing and frame traps to trick people into throwing out moves that look safe, but actually are quite dangerous for them. From the very bottom, I’ve Dragon Punched my way all the way up to Gold Rank (For the uninitiated, the ranks go: Rookie, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master.)

You can see my CFN name on the bottom-right of that results screen. If you are a person who delights in fighting in the street, feel free to friend me. I’m not actually that good, but I do have fun! Though, I say that when I’ve looked at the percentage of people playing this game and if you can even get into Gold, you’re probably in the top 25% of all people who play Street Fighter on earth. When you word it like that, it sounds much, much, much more impressive! …but seriously, I’m kinda trash. Don’t expect me to be doing DR into Run-Stop Combos into Super or whatever. I’m just not that serious!

Oh! And while I think on it, this page has options to contact me and subscribe to my newsletter. If you haven’t subscribed, it really is the best and most convenient way to get my paper flowers delivered straight to your inbox. I’d recommend it.

Ok, I think that’s it for now. I intend to write at least one of these a week, so look out for them. Until I see you again, keep yourselves well and tend to your dreams. If you don’t, who will?

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